Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Free calls to anywhere in US/Canada using Gizmo & Ringbranch

(Looks like this feature has been blocked by GIZMO. Will keep you updated)
What you need:
1. An internet connection
2. A computer
3. Mic and headphone/speaker !!!
4. Help of a friend in US with a US mobile to help in setting things up for the first time.

Theory of functioning:
1. Gizmo VOIP provides free calling to certain US telephone numbers through their backdoor dialling mechanism.
2. Ringbranch provides a functionality where you can dial into your ringbranch number and call any of your contacts (only US/Canada allowed ; maximum of 100) for free (total 1000 minutes allowed per month)
3. Now, the ringbranch number that you get is a free location if you dial from gizmo.
4. We make use of these facts to make free calls to location in US/Canada.

Things to set up:
1. Register yourself free at Ringbranch . In your profile, set your primary phone number as your US friend's number. Note down your ring branch number. In your profile settings, "When you call your RingBranch number in order to call out to one of your friends, what number do you want displayed on your friends' Caller ID?" , put the choice as "actual number".

2. Download gizmo . Register yourself from the application.

3. From gizmo, call the number 0101-<your ringbranch number>. This will ring your friend's mobile. Ask him to save that number and let you know that number. This is the your gizmo outgoing number.

4. Go back to ringbranch profile settings and put your gizmo outgoing number as your primary phone number instead of your friend's number.

5. Go on and add upto 100 US/Contacts in your ringbranch contacts page.
6. Your settings are finished.

How to make the free call:
1. Open gizmo, and call 0101-<your ringbranch number>
2. You will be greeted by a prompt to enter the number in the contact list that you want to call. Enter the number followed by # .(eg. 15#)
3 Thats it, your call will be connected. If at any time you want to call a new contact, go and update your ringbranch contact list at their website, and start making the call.

You can extend this and use rebtel, to make international calls. I will explain this in a separate post.

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