Sunday, March 30, 2008

Features of my dream mobile

1. TV-Out
a) Connect the phone output to any TV, and see the vidoes on the big screen.
b) Connect to LCD screen and use your mobile as GPS navigation system in your car.

2. Internal GPS
a) Use smartcomGPS software and maps from google/yahoo for excellent GPS navigation in India.
b) Multiple applications should be able to access the internal GPS simultaneously. 

3. Bluetooth
a) Use your phone as remote control for your computer
b) Use your bluetooth headset
c) Transfer data with other bluetooth-enabled phones

4a. FM Radio

a) Listen to FM stations on the go.
b) Connect FM transmitter to your TV and use the phone for listening without disturbing anybody

4b. Stereo FM Transmission
(a) You can play your favourite music on your mobile, and transmit it over FM, and let the car radio pick it up
(b) Play music in your mobile and let the audio system pick it up over FM and play it aloud.

5. Full fledged operating system like Symbian/Windows Mobile/Linux
a) Gives you the flexibility to install applications.
b) Use your mobile like a small computer.

6. External memory support
a) Either the mobile should have enough internal memory or it shud have external memory card support. Atleast 2 GB space is required.

7. Music / Video Playing
a) Watch your favourite videos/music while you are travelling
b) Standard 3mm jack to fit in any of your normal headphones/amplifiers

8. Camera
a) You dont have to carry a separate digital camera/ camcorder . (Minimum 5MP camera with atleast 3x zoom capability for normal usage)

3G services have not yet started in India, but they are slated to start in 2008. It might be a good idea to have 3G support in the mobile.

a) Browse at broadband speeds
b) Make video calls to others having 3G handsets.
c) You will be able to use your mobile in Japan and South Korea (who have proprietary CDMA systems for mobile telephony, but also have a separate WCDMA network)

10. Quadband
a) With Quadband you should be able to use your mobile anywhere in the world. (except Japan and South Korea, unless you have 3G)

11. QWERTY keyboard
a) Use your mobile as a small computer wherever you go using the QWERTY keyboard.

12. Touch screen
Touch screen with iPhone like features.
The phone should still have normal keypads, so that I can type with just one hand.

13. Battery life
For a heavy user of GPRS/WiFi, battery backup is essentail. Recently companies are coming up with chargers using human motion.

14. Standby battery accessories

15. VOIP Call Support

Support for using Voip over 3G/WiFi networks. This will help to reduce your long distance calls when you are at home, or at a hotspot.

16. Minimum 128MB of internal memory 
Enough RAM will allow you to run multiple applications at the same time.

17. Accelerometer
Allows you to align landscape/portrait, by just turning the phone.(It should also be possible to disable this feature through settings)

18. Call quality 
Last but the most important thing, I should be able to make calls and talk to people !!!


Krishna Pillai said...

Ofcourse, all the above plus the phone needs to be 'reasonably' small :)


ank said...

i think most are already available in phones 1 way or another.. :) probably except 4 the GPS..