Friday, April 11, 2008

Call phones worldwide free

Be aware that in the following method, the calling is FREE for the caller, but the callee incurs local call charges

In an earlier post I had mentioned how to call free to phones in US/Canada . Using this and then registering with rebtel , you will be able to call the following countries.

Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain (Beta) Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China (Beta) Croatia (Beta) Cyprus Czech Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Hongkong, China (Beta) Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Peru Poland Romania Slovakia (Beta) Slovenia (Beta) South Africa (Beta) Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom United States

1. An internet connection
2. A computer
3. Mic and headphone/speaker !!!
4. Help of a friend in US with a US mobile to help in setting things up for the first time.
5. A setup describe in this article

Theory of functioning:
1. Rebtel is a VOIP service, which, among other services, allows you to call a US number, and reaches your destination country through VOIP. From here a local call is made to your destination phone number. The callee has to call back to this local number and both the caller and callee are connected. Total charges - callee incurs local calling charges.

Things to set up:
1. At first, have this setup ready
2. Register at Rebtel
3. Give your Ringbranch number as you number at Rebtel. Keep your own phone number to call in Ringbranch a a firnd's number in US/Canada.
4. On registering to the site, you will get an automated verification call at the friend's number. Once the verification is over, you can put the destination number in ringbranch to whatever was before.

How to add a contact
1. Login to you rebtel account , adn enter your international contact number.
2. Once you enter the number, you will get two numbers - a local number in US, and a local number in your destination country.
3. For every contact, steps 1 and 2 will have to be done. Note down the corresponding numbers for all future calling to these contacts.
4. Enter the US local numbers that you got in your ringbranch contact page.

How to make an almost free call
1. Open gizmo, and call your ringbranch through backdoor.
2. Enter the contact nuber corresponding to the US number of your destination number.
3. Your call will be connected to your destination phone.
4. On connecting the call, tell your callee to call back on the caller id displayed on his phone. This number is the same as the number you got in step 2 in the previous section.
5. You stay on the line, when callee calls back to the number, and both of you will be connected.

Check here to see how rebtel connects your call.

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