Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Call free to India

Make a free call to India by following these steps:
1. Register for free at sab se bolo.com . Get your member ID and password. Provide these to your Indian contact and ask them to call into the conference.
2. Call any of these access numbers.
3. On the prompt dial *011-CONRAD. (This code will keep changing. So check this page before you make a call) This code is not required if you call through the UK numbers.
4. When prompted again, dial your member ID and password to enter into conference. You can have multiple people from India dial into the conference.

Do not abuse the system, or we might all lose it !!

Alternative methods for step 2:
Instead of calling the access numbers, you can even use your SIP phone/ATA to make a call to *0112663@sipbroker.com
METHOD 2. You can call from Google Talk by following these steps:
(a) Send a friend request to service@gtalk2voip.com. You will get an accept
(b) Now open a chat window for service@gtalk2voip.com and type "CALL *0112663@sipbroker.com"
(c) Accept the incoming call.
(d) You will hear one ring and after some time, you will be connected to the conference call.

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