Thursday, March 06, 2008

Download free Germany/delhi/india/bangalore/pune/chennai/mumbai/kolkata/karnataka/trivandrum/hyderabad/andhra/sikkim map

Downloadable maps of Germany/Delhi/bangalore/chennai/pune/mumbai/trivandrum/karnataka/kolkata/hyderabad/andhra pradesh/Cochin/Mexico City/Helsinki/Stockholm/Springfield and major cities in India. Click on the thumbnails to download the full image size. The links will take you to rapidshare download page. Just click on the "Free" button and then enter the CAPTCHA code to download it free.

Bangalore Map (Zoom level 3) (21 MB)

Click on the thumbnails to download the full map

More detailed maps are here

Bangalore Sector 1 (0.5 MB)

Bangalore Sector 2 (1.5 MB)

Bangalore Sector 3 (2.2 MB)

Bangalore Sector 4 (1.0 MB)

Bangalore Sector 5 (0.5 MB)

Pune Maps (2MB)

Click on the thumbnails to download the full map

Chennai Maps

Zoom level 1 map (17MB)

Zoom level 4 map (4MB)

Click on the thumbnails to download the full map

Mumbai Maps (5MB, 8MB, 5MB)

Click on the thumbnails to download the full map. There are three sections for the Mumbai map. Click on them individually to download.

India Map (6725x6131) (3 MB) (ogf2 format) (ozf2 format)

Karnataka Map (3840x3840) (3 MB)

Kolkata Map (7733x7163 ) (10 MB)

Trivandrum Map (5120x3840) (2 MB)

Hyderabad zoom 3 Map (8 MB)

Hyderabad upper portion zoom 1 Map (16 MB)

Hyderabad lower portion zoom 1 Map (16 MB)

Andhra West Map (12.3 MB)

Andhra East Map (12.3 MB)

Sikkim Map (1.3 MB)



Part2(64 MB)

Part3(62 MB)

Part4 (65MB)

Delhi Map

Delhi-Coarse Map (3 MB)

Cochin Map , Kerala, India(1.5 MB) OGF2 OZF2

Agra , Uttar Pradesh, India(5 MB)

Ahmedabad , Gujarat, India (7 MB) OGF2 format OZF2 format

Chandigarh , India(6 MB) OGF2 format OZF2 format

Dehra Dun, Uttaranchal, India (3 MB)

Jaipur , Rajastan, India(6 MB)

Lucknow, India (7 MB)

Mangalore, India (2 MB)

Panaji , Goa, India (3 MB)

Patna, Bihar, India (4 MB)

Sholapur, Maharashtra, India (2 MB)

Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India (2 MB)

Kuala Lampur , Malaysia (8 MB)

Springfield, Missouri, USA (7 MB)

Mexico City (8 MB)

Copenhagen (JPG) (2 MB) OGF2 OZF2 (contains calibration map file)

Stockholm (2 MB)

Helsinki (2 MB)

Bellary, Karnataka (2.5MB)

Chattisgarh, India (2 MB)

Davangere, Karnataka, India (2MB)

Goa, India (3.6MB)

Haifa and Tel Aviv , Israel (2.5MB)

Indore, India (4.5 MB)

Kolhapur, India (1.2 MB)

Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India (165 KB)

Panaji, Goa, India (700 KB)

Salem, India (2.8 MB)

Srinagar, India (2.7 MB)

Surat , India (3.2 MB)

More maps are being added. On the hot list are Cochin, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Trichy.

If you need maps of any other place in india or abroad, please leave a comment, and i will try to add it.

If you trying to use maps with your nokia mobile, I will be adding an article on it soon.

Check here to find out how to download maps like these.


soumalya said...

thanks for the kolkata map.i'm searching for it for a long to use it in my nokia handset?waiting for your next blog

sunnyvivi said...

The India map does download, but shows only 10 kB rather than 3MB and does not open in any JPG viewer. It shows on the browser but not in any viewer and OGF converter shows error while loading this image. Cochin map had no such problems..any solutions ?

sunnyvivi said...

A good help file (if it already has not been done)on how to calibrate the maps would be really useful. Is it essential that one needs to actually be at the location to calibrate the map ? I use smartcomGPS on my N95-8GB and it rocks !! so thenext step is to add maps.. Waiting for ahmedabad map to be posted. !

trouble_monger said...

Thanks sunnyvivi for your comments.

Dont know what is the problem with the India jpg. Anyway i have put the ogf2 and ozf2 formats too. Basically I calibrate using smartcomGPS and wikimapia. I will describe that in detail in another entry over the weekend.

sunnyvivi said...

I tried downloading the Ahmedabad map. Same problem. It shows fully on the browser, but when i try to save the image, it saves as 10kb file which does not open. am i doing anything wrong here ? The cochin one worked tho..Moreover, it would be nice if the Ahmadabad map has more map coverage of its new western part coz thats where the residential areas are. The Rapidshare, rather than a usual download into a file, opens the image on the browser, which i found quite odd..

sunnyvivi said...

ahhh yes.. so i did right.. did the same for the cochin map. I loaded the map on SmarcomGPS and chose the lat-long from wikimapia and input it in the s/w for calibration.. will check it when i go to cochin next. wanted to do the same with ahmedabad map, but same problem and the maps of the western region where i live, are not covered in the map (are slike Bopal, fun republic, Guma etc.

trouble_monger said...

@sunnyvivi, thanks for notifying this problem. i hadnt noticed this issue before. i will remove the jpgs and put the zips instead. maybe during this weekend.

about the calibration, you are absolutely right. to check if your calibration is correct, you can open your map in smartcomgps, go to some random location, note down the co-ordinates and search for them in google maps. It shud show you the exact same location

sunnyvivi said...

Thanks for your response. will wait for the map upload.. however, regarding ahmedabad map, it would be better to include the twin city Gandhinagar also. typically, the map range should be the following in order to cover the whole city (including the new western areas).

Left Long = 72.4328613
Right Long = 72.7926636
Top Lat = 23.2754117
Bottom Lat = 22.8875622

thanks !!

sunnyvivi said...


I think the problem of not being able to download PNG/JPG seems to be a browser problem. When i used IE7, it downloaded without any fuss.. Firefox was acting funny with the downloads.
Mumbai sector 2 and 3 are the same file.. I tried to download maps using googlemaps downloader, but i seem to get only sat images and not the map. any ideas ? On one occasion i did get maps tho.. dont know how.. is it possible to export the waypoints/tracks/routes from smartcomGPS to the pc so that it can be used by any other gps s/w ?
Thanks for the Ahd map.

trouble_monger said...


Thanks. i corrected the mumbai maps.

The google maps link starts with

while the link for the satellite maps start with
see if there is any way you can change the link settings

The file format for smartcomGPS is competely compatible with oziexplorer software for the PC (except got the ogf2 file. you have to create ozf2 using another tool). In case you want to convert these (waypoints/tracks etc) to any other format (for instance KML), you can try the GPSBabel software.

If you have GPRS enabled, you can even set up your own website to update your location live on Google maps. Something like what I have setup here

I will be adding a post detailing how to, including the source code.

trouble_monger said...

The link was not correct in the previous post . I shuld have been this

By the way, I will update the Gandhinagar map separately, instead of combining with Ahmedabad.

sunnyvivi said...

hahaha thats a real cool app u have there..It would be more effective & realistic if you can add a time tag to the displayed waypoints !! yes i use gprs and would like to set up such a website :-) I tried the Googlemap downloader again.. there seems to be no way i can set the download link.. all i can give are the 4 lat-long inputs & zoom level. Anyways.. ur maps are good enough. But i certainly would like to learn how to download the maps, but the technique u have mentioned is quite confusing to a non-techie like me :-).. The delhi maps tho seem quite different from google maps. I have calibrated Chennai, Delhi, Cochin, ahd and bengaluru. i can send you the .ogf2 and .map files if you wish to post them.

megha said...

Your blog is pure gold!You are doing a great job.

Please upload the a .zip file of Delhi's map soon, na? The rapidshare is misbehaving exactly as sunnyvivi describes.

I'm just starting on this, so I'm not sure how to load the map onto the GPS. I have a Garmin eTrex.

I was looking at this-

What do you think- the procedure sounds ok?
Thanks :)

trouble_monger said...

@megha, the delhi maps have been replaced with their zips.

However, by the explanation in the link that you provided, it looks like a manual procedure, where you have to manually marks the points of the map on the mapsource window. The reason, i believe, is due to the fact that what we have is a topographical map (or raster map), while garmin uses vector maps.

I am not aware of any vector maps for delhi. Howver, on a search in google, i could see a lot of commercial applications for converting raster maps to vector maps. however, i am not ure how good/bad they are. If you are able to successfully convert it and use, please let us know, and i will update it on the log, or if you are putting it in your own website, i will be happy to link to it.

ruzan said...

thanks for the effort u r putting in..
have downloaded mumbai all 3 maps for rapidshare but while saving they got saved as bmp files.
the mumbai 3 map has an error. a whole patch of data is wrongly aligned. wonder if that can be fixed.
one more question... cant the whole map of india be downloaded in full detail(in max zoom available) in one shot from google?
i have N95 8gb and have been looking for some good software for navigation. i am using google maps as i have unlimited data usage plan on my cel but by any chance, can these maps be used for voice navigation? which software? how?

any help will be great.
thanks again.

jss said...

thanks for the great work!

one question: do you have the coordinates for those files that are only available as png? (I'm particularly interested in the Germany map)

trouble_monger said...


i do not have the co-ordinates of the maps. if you really need it, i would suggest you go to, locate the four end points of the png on wikimapia and find out the co-ordinates from the link. (The co-rdinate of the "+" sign on the map is the one given in the link in the address bar)

Sai said...


Can I know who r u( just for curiosity, if u can), ur doing a great job...
I had used this site for first time & found very interesting & helpful.
Continue in a similar Way.
Please provide a map of maharashtra

Best Wishes

Sriram said...

Hey thanks a lot for those maps man..
I was wondering if you can provide a map of andhra pradesh and chattisgarh

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger,
I was amazed to see ur work here. well I am using a HTC P3300 with mapking asia , but i dont know whether the format of your maps is compatible to this software. In case it is not, which I presume is right, what gps software can i use with your maps?

Secondly, i am planning to tour India on the western coast from cochin to jalandhar. Do you have any maps with roads that can help me?

trouble_monger said...


Thanks for your interest. My brother has a htc p3300 and i had set up the maps for him using OziExplorerCE ( )

Oziexplorer uses ozf format, which I have included with some of the maps. In case it is not there, you can use the img2ozf conversion which comes along with oziexplorer, to make the ozf file from jpg. the ".map" file can be used as is in OziExpCE

There is an all india map, which will show you all the major roads in india. That would be good enough if you are going to use the national highways for your journey.

trouble_monger said...

hi sriram,

sorry for the late reply. there are some andhra maps already posted. let me know what is missing. I will try to get chattisgarh as soon as possible.

trouble_monger said...

Hi Sriram,

Chattisgarh is now added. Let me know if there are any issues.

Hari said...

great job buddy, ur helping every one 2 find places.thanx 4 bangalore and salem maps.

Dr. Rajnish Patel said...

thanks buddy a very very nice and a useful collecton of maps ..... a piece of cake for people who know the use and application of GPS....

Anonymous said...

hey can u increase the zoom level of the map of pune as i want to see it on my cell

Anonymous said...

Hey it is a good thing to do. But you forgot to add a map of very important city chennai, you have given trichy of tamilnadu but what about the capital city of tamilnadu, chennai. And pls keep a link for mobile downloads and mass in jar format as most of mobiles support that format. And thank you for your maps. I couldn't download and use since i couldn't download it for my nokia mobile.....

Akshay said...

kolhapur link isnt workin.........

Ronnie said...

Please upload map of JAMNAGAR, GUJARAT

Dharmakranti said...

Thanks for all the maps, but the mangalore map link is not working. I want following maps - Vijayawada, Guntur and Vizag (All in AP) and also Hubli-Dharwad, Mysore and Tumkur and Shimoga. Thanks in advance brother! - Vinayak

Web Design India said...

Really very nice blog. i liked this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avi Singh said...

Can u please add Nagpur map?

Devil said...

can u send me the coordinates of Pune city map and also do you have more bigger file of pune city?


vimal mahesh said...

add madurai map said...

thanks...i value your contribution to the society of GPS users on Nokia ... i am using Bluetooth GPS on nokia n73... and it is only possible with the maps that you have uploaded... i would like to request you to keep the blog alive... for always... i understand its asking too much but then all who are not comfortable with map creations will be very very thankful...

Dr.Rajnish Patel said...

the Solapur map link is showing erroras follws,
"The file could not be found. Please check the download link" on rapidshare server.

Dr. Rajnish Patel said...

Can you please make one file of BOMBAY... i am not able to join them togater with my jpg the .map file will also be needed