Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Making espresso at home

How to make good coffee at home without using espresso machine?

Take one cup of milk.
Coffee according to ur taste as i like strong so 2 teaspoon for strong one.
Sugar 1& 1/2 tea spoon
A little bit of Malai for creme taste & for thickness also.

Mix Coffee,Sugar,Malai in half cup of milk & blend it in mixer
& Boil half cup of milk until too Hot coz when u mix wid other milk it'll b'come a lilltle bit cold & then when both prepared then shake & mix them well.

Enjoy Ur Hot Coffee.
hey the best way witout expresso machine ...........
u just put coffe an sugar together in a cup an now beat it nicely wit spoon taking just few drops of hot water donot put much water just few drops an beat it nicely untill it sugar dissolve in it an it change its colour .........
den put it in cup an pour hot milk on top of it
an u will get tastyyyyyyyyyyy coffe just like expresso
make the best coffee [according to me] at home. just get a fresh decoction done [not the one made in the morning and left over] in a coffee maker and then boil milk seperately. add one and half table spoons of sugar to a three fourth glass of milk and mix the same with fresh decoction. try to whip up the broth by pouring the coffee from your 'Tumbler' to the 'Dabara' and vice versa like a 'Naiagara' as will be done by the teashop 'Nayar'. Don't forget to add some love before serving the same to your tired butter-half who comes from the office after a day's hard work.-raj
Mix 1 tsp Nescafe and 2tsp sugar nicely by beating it with a spoon for 5 minutes. You will get a smooth paste. Now add one teaspoon of it according to how strong you want your coffee to be & then add it to a cup of Hot Milk(Toned Milk). Add more sugar if you like it too sweet. Pour the coffee twice like how they do in hotel so you get a frothy hot coffeee
Coffee decoction filter is available in steel utensils shops. Buy one. You can chose coffee powders of your choice- you can't make coffee decoction with instant coffee, therefore do not buy instant coffee- Every coffee brand seller has their outlets for selling ground coffee powder-, they grind the coffee seeds and give you the coffee powder ground afresh. In the top portion of the decoction filter, add coffee powder about 25% of the vessel and balance fill it with boiling water-remember water should be at boiling temperature. After about 15 minutes, you will see powder and mixture filtering down to bottom portion of the filter.
Put 2 t spoon coffee powder( I prefer Bru coffee) and 3 t spoon full sugar in a cup. Then pour 1/4 cup water in 3/4 cup milk and keep for boiling. In between the milk boils you pour two spoon hot milk in the coffee and sugar mixture kept in the cup. Beat it nicely until it turns foamy and it will change its colour to creamy. Pour the boiled milk and water in that and stir well. Waw enjoy the hot expresso coffee. Make it more tastier add on t spoon fesh cream beaten nicely.
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