Friday, May 09, 2008

GPS routes plotted on Google Maps

Following are some of the routes, which I have traced on my GPS (I use SmartComGPS software running on Nokia N80 with Haicom BT406C external bluetooth GPS). The idea is to give information of the route, the mode of transport and the amount of time required for the journey. I hope this will help travellers to these locations to plan their travel. Those who have GPS devices with them can also download the tracks to their devices.

The tracks are in OziExplorer (and SmartComGPS) format. You can right click on the download link and save with .plt extension. Use GPSBabel to convert it into any other GPS format.

More routes to follow soon......

Siliguri to Gangtok (download)
The trip starts from the New Jalpaiguri railway station. We took a shared taxi to the bus stand and took a Sikkim Nationalised Transport (SNT) bus from the Siliguri bus stand to Gangtok. Times are also shown.

Kollam to Alwaye (download)
Trip made by KPN Volvo. It was probably the 5:30 pm Volvo from Trivandrum to Bangalore. Route goes through NH 47 taking the Ernakulam bypass.

Kumaraparvata Trek (download)
Trek route from Kukke subramanya to the top of the Kumaraparvata. (The times shown on the bubbles are incorrect)

Shortcut Route from Electronic City to Sarjapur Road/Outer Ring Road , Bangalore
Takes an almost straight line path from Hosa Road junction to Sarjapur Road Junction.
Method of travel : Bus
Total time: 25 minutes in peak hour

Numbers enabled through Gizmo backdoor

Following is a list of numbers enabled via Gizmo backdoor dialling. You will be able to call them free using Gizmo.

214-235-4101 to 4993 (No information)
770-357-XXXX (Currently used by ringbranch)
773-751-1000 to 773-751-4999 (Currently used by Jaxtr)
206-856-2398 (WA )
253-856-2398 (WA)
(469) 450-3729 (real TX phone number)
469-826-7076 (real TX number)

Feel free to let me know any other supported numbers.