Friday, May 09, 2008

GPS routes plotted on Google Maps

Following are some of the routes, which I have traced on my GPS (I use SmartComGPS software running on Nokia N80 with Haicom BT406C external bluetooth GPS). The idea is to give information of the route, the mode of transport and the amount of time required for the journey. I hope this will help travellers to these locations to plan their travel. Those who have GPS devices with them can also download the tracks to their devices.

The tracks are in OziExplorer (and SmartComGPS) format. You can right click on the download link and save with .plt extension. Use GPSBabel to convert it into any other GPS format.

More routes to follow soon......

Siliguri to Gangtok (download)
The trip starts from the New Jalpaiguri railway station. We took a shared taxi to the bus stand and took a Sikkim Nationalised Transport (SNT) bus from the Siliguri bus stand to Gangtok. Times are also shown.

Kollam to Alwaye (download)
Trip made by KPN Volvo. It was probably the 5:30 pm Volvo from Trivandrum to Bangalore. Route goes through NH 47 taking the Ernakulam bypass.

Kumaraparvata Trek (download)
Trek route from Kukke subramanya to the top of the Kumaraparvata. (The times shown on the bubbles are incorrect)

Shortcut Route from Electronic City to Sarjapur Road/Outer Ring Road , Bangalore
Takes an almost straight line path from Hosa Road junction to Sarjapur Road Junction.
Method of travel : Bus
Total time: 25 minutes in peak hour


abhra said...

thanks for your quick reply in the previous i'm trying to buy a gps receiver.i'll be back after that.thanks for yourreply again.

trouble_monger said...

hi abhra,

thanks for taking interest.
if you can let us know the usage that you are planning for your GPS system(such as for trekking, normal trips etc), as well as the phone model you are using and any other info, i might be able to help you choose the right GPS for you.

useless d

abhra said...

i'm just planning to use it for simple map localisation,locating my house my workplace etc.i'm using a n73me.thanks

sunnyvivi said...

how do i view your .PLT files on the PC ?

Sunnyvivi said...

Hai its me again..:-) wanted to ask you a few questions.. (1) the SmartComGPS route files that i save on the mobile all seem to be of one size (373 bytes). (2) How can i plot these routs on OZ explorer..? (3) i was also not able to view your .plt files on Oz explorer. (4)In SmartComGPS, i am not able to load a particular route that i have saved in the mobile. when I choose the saved .rte file, nothing happens.. no error either.. i cannot see the waypoints on the screen. Any comments ?

trouble_monger said...

(1) and (2) did you mean rte files or plt files? theoretically, both these should work on oziexplorer. did you chek whether the format of the files are correct? did it show any error? you can send me the files to michael321in (at) yahoo dot com and i can check it for you.

(3) i will check that and let you know. may be there is a problem when downloading the files.

(4)When i use select- > routes -> load routes an select the rte file, it does show the route with a blue mark on the screen. you need to navigate manually to where the route is. the software doe not autonavigate to the point of interest in the route.

sunnyvivi said...

An simple way for a non-techie to get your position/track/route (live too) on to the google maps..

1. get and install TrackMyJourney v0.6.0 your smart phone (S60, v3)

2. sign up at this page ;;

2. input the name & password in the phone (which u will receive in ur email after registration).

3. install and use the program on the phone (both internal and BT GPS will work)to record your tracks/routes

4. export the track file as PLT /GPX /LOC format.

5. log on to the website and upload the GPX/PLT/LOC file to the website.

6. browse to the folder and the uploaded file.

7. click on "map" and bingo.. ur track is uploaded to Google maps..

8. for live update, u need to enable GPRS and set frequency of update. (Yet to check this out).

9. You can send invites to friends who can see at your current position (in real-time) on google maps.

10. good thing is its free as of now, tho there are indications that good things wont last for long :-)