Thursday, October 25, 2007

one day at the training centre

Today was my first day at the training course for getting prepared for marriage. It was with great difficulty that i came for this marriage. I generally hate training classes . But throwing all my expectations to thin air todays classes were very entertaining. Each class just got getting better and better. I was expecting a drab and boring class from a group of boring priest(they generally are a boring lots)

the first class was by rev father nicholas t. His was a high tech presentation using power point from his laptop. He introduced up to the whole course. He explained from points from the bible how to approach marriage. He urged people not to go for marriage and to leave if they cant follow by what he said. His use of the visual media kept the audience attention.

the next person was a father in plain clothes . Fr alex i think. He was explaini for the next hour the meaning of each part of the holy mass. Half of the time he was making some jokes or explaining some unrelated things and at the end of the class he had finished explaining only the first five minutes of the holy mass.

the last person for today gave a lecture so entertaining that for a second i thought it a stand up comedy show. The person was a clinical psychologist. He talked about how peoples tastes are different and how adjusting to others beliefs and habits is very important. His was one of the most entertaining classes i have ever attended.

the only downside is the very strict atmosphere here. If you are a minute late to class after the bell rings your name will be noted down by the good looking nun. And you may have to attend that class the next time to get the certificate.

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