Sunday, July 30, 2006

Upcoming trip

Well due to official reasons, I am not supposed to reveal who I am or what my name is. Anyway, what really matters is not who I am, but what I do.

In a couple of weeks I am supposed to make an official trip to South Korea. They want me to deploy some nuclear warheads and vapourise those North Korean bastards. Well I am thinking of bringing back some bombshells too(blonde ones that is).

From a friend who had been recently to Korea, I heard that Korean women play a dominating role in the family. They control the financial matters. There are cases of domestic violence too - of wifes battering their poor husbands. Whatever happened to the male lib !! There was this Korean friend of his who was given a daily allowance of 1000 wons for buying cigerattes(One pack of cigarette costs 2500 wons). There was this other guy who had one peg too much of booze and went home in a less than balanced condition. His wife refused to let him in and he had to spend three nights and five days with this friend of mine.

For all of you who are wondering why this is so, this is probably due to the fact that a lot of male population perished in the frequent wars with the N Koreans(N for north or nuclear as you may wish to interpret), leaving less than a male for every female. The result is that even if a female breaks from a relationship, she will find another mate, but the same is not true for the males. So they have to keep their mates happy.

Ever since I heard about this grim situation there, I decided to hold off my plans to find a bombshell from Korea. The last thing I can have is a money sucking machine at my home.

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